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Monday, 8 August 2016

The Hypocrisy Of Niger Delta Leaders

I don't know why Nigerians are economical with the truth. The Federal Government ought to call a town hall meeting within the Niger Delta region with the populace, that their sons and daughters are responsible for the woes that befall them. We had NDDC, Niger Delta ministry, amnesty programs, and other good initiative programme established to develop those areas, but we have little or nothing to show for it.
These militants fail to ask their immediate leaders how money accrued to them is been spent! Bayelsa state had eight local government with huge resources, and about 38% consisted of water where there is no need of building roads, so what still make the state underdeveloped? Are they waiting for someone in Abuja to come and build all the infrastructure they need? What are the core responsibilities of the state governor? Though, I don't really blame them, because those in the helms authority lack ability and those with the ability lack authority. All the members of the above mentioned government agencies are from that region, so who is to be blame? The militants are fighting a right case in a wrong way. They need to meet with their leaders and come up with a breakdown about how they spent their allocation. They should tell the world how much federal government had sent to them so far, what they do with the money and why they need more. All these should be presented in black and white with facts and figures. After doing this, then we will know who is to be blame for their underdevelopment and why. 

The crisis can only be resolve permanently if the government use the people of the region against the militants and these can be carried out by empowering them, reorientate them, give them qualitative education and health care. Now, it's about 27 states that cannot pay their worker's salary due to economic meltdown. Some claimed its due to low price of crude oil, if our leaders are not heartless and wicked, can't they forfeit their security votes allowance in other to save money? Majority of our National Assembly member are Ex governors or retired force personnel who are on pension in various states, can't they ask their individual state to stop paying their pension for the next four years while they are in the hallow Chambers so that money can be saved for other purposes? Where are the elder statesmen in those region when militant were destroying and bombing oil facilities? But they can come from no where to dialogue with the federal government. 

The government have agreed to continue the amnesty programme in which some youths will be paid monthly. Will the monthly allowance for the militants develop the region? This is a clear indication that they are fighting for their pockets not on behalf of the masses.

Article by: Olajide Beke

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