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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How random are you? #RandomMusings

Hello dear you reading, yes you. :) Hope your day has been awesome, so far? You didn't think I wouldn't drop at least a post today did you? Nah, I intend to write a post a day at least. And feel free to drop a reminder email or tweet (@survivor17) at me as a subtle reminder, like a few people have done today. LOL

I am a very random person. For example, I often break out into a dance or song in the most randomly awkward places and I always feel the better for it afterwards. I like being spontaneous, in a good way, and I think a lot of people would benefit from it if they were too, rather than bottle their emotions in.

Sometimes, I am like a free bird gliding smoothly across the sky without a care in the world. I love the freedom that comes with adulthood whereby you can simply "do you' and be yourself without holding back.

I'm a box of randoms. I am me. Those who know me love me and take me as I am. Reaching out to people randomly gives me indescribable joy, I often imagine how Santa Clause feels. (Yeah, he's not real ofkess)

Sidenote: I see myself doing a random jig right here in the office, before the close of work today, to the music my colleague is blasting. #DareToLive :)

How random are you????? :)

(Another sidenote: I'm collating pictures of real people with brilliant smiles. I have some amazing ones already. Do send yours in to if you want to light up some faces. Watch out for Smiles Part 2 ;))


  1. spontaneous Buki....go gurl

  2. Buki reminds me of the scripture that says, Whatsoever thine hands find to do, do it with all thine might.' #RandomMusings. U better have my award winning smile in that collation of yours. #ByFireByForce :*

    1. True that. You bet your dazzling smile will make the cut. :D


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