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Monday, 26 May 2014

R.I.P Beautiful Lydia - #BringBackSanityAndPeace

A beautiful lady with an even more beautiful heart. Death did not care about her brains, wits, beauty or passion for justice. Death snatched her away from earth in a vicious and nefarious manner.

Lydia was among the medical students that died in the Jos twin bomb blast on the 21st of May, 2014. I could rant and rave at the terrorists and our lax government here, but i won't.

This is a post about how the world has lost another good one. This post is a reminder that no one knows when death will come calling, hence the need to do good and leave a footprint worthy of emulation in the sands of time.

Her tweets showed her to be an awesome character. She lived life, she fought for justice.

Now she's gone. Who will fight for her and the many others who have lost their lives for simply being "collateral damages in a senseless and needless war"?



  1. May her soul rest in the warm embrace of God.

  2. Sleep tight. We shall meet in heaven

  3. Rest in peace. We shall meet in heaven

  4. Shameful unnecessary and sad :(


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