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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Misty Blue #Day43 #BringBackOurGirls

It was raining beautifully when I initially tried leaving the house this morning. I say tried leaving because on a whim, I dashed back inside and gave my son an extra warm hug and two kisses. To be honest, I needed the warmth and strength I drew more than he did.

Today is Children's Day and it also just happens to be Day 43 since our #ChibokGirls were snatched away from their school by ferocious terrorists in Borno State, Nigeria. I cannot imagine what their poor parents and siblings are going through, knowing their loved ones are in the nefarious hands of monsters. I struggle not to get into their minds mentally, in where they are probably hoping each day would be The Day they lay their eyes on their beloved girls. No parent should have to lose a child under any circumstance.

As grateful as I am for my parents and my children, I cannot bring myself to celebrate this Children's Day with the knowledge that there are over two hundred children still missing and as many families are hurting.

Their only crime was their quest for education.

I am however hopeful that they would be found and brought back home to reunite with their loved ones. Hope and faith are all I have left. In whatever mental state they are, their return home alive is more important to the world. We will love them and help them heal. We would all support their families and help them get through this unimaginable trauma.

I ask you today to spare a thought and several prayers for our #ChibokGirls.



  1. I just went through ur numerous post and your write up are so complete that the only thing left is to nod in agreement , Is there nothing like liking the post.

    1. Wow, I'm awed by your kind words Buzzbee. Thanks and do keep reading, commenting and sharing. :)


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