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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Melting Your Congealed Human Milk Of Kindness

I believe for most of us, our human milk of kindness is now congealed and for others, dried up totally, How else would you explain why or how people are so ignorant and oblivious to the needs of others around them? Sometimes, helping others is not even as daunting as we are often made to believe and always it is a necessity that needs to be carried out to save at least a life. I know that in recent times there are more risks involved helping needy strangers but I believe that it is a risk worth taking especially when you take time to calculate the risks properly and act accordingly, regardless. 

I recall an #AllHeartsAlways post I wrote about here in September 2014 about helping a woman with a child on her back who had got caught up in a heavy rain and were struggling to cross a very road. Every time I think back on that scene I feel a chill go through me and wonder what would have happened if I had not gotten there at that precise moment. I wonder why others did not stop to help her and her baby. I wonder how she is faring now because she left before I could get my car and come back to where I left them. We need to do more for ourselves in our societies, far much more than we are presently doing. 

A colleague told me about an incident that happened to her a while back. There was a very poor hawker who usually passed in front of her house every morning and whose kid had stopped going to school but helped her with her bits and bob. She called her one day and asked some questions thus finding out that this woman could no longer afford sending her son to school due to the limited funds they had. My colleague asked her how much was needed for the boy's fees and when she was told, she gave the mother the money and told her to go pay the boy's fees so he could get back to school.

A few days later, she noticed the woman and her son no longer passed in front of her house and she just assumed that perhaps school runs had occupied her. One day, she discovered that the hawker and her son had resorted to taking an alternative route in order to avoid her. The woman, for whatever reason, had not paid the boy's fees after all. So rather than face further questions from the benefactor, they took to dodging her.

My colleague was pretty disappointed in how things turned out and she simply ignored them but I said to her, that's not the best way to have gone about it. Knowing the hawker had immediate needs and possibly debts, she should have paid the money directly to the school herself. It wouldn't have been so difficult to get the principal's number and account details and transfer the fees rather than hand it over to the mother. I know the woman was very wrong for not using the money she got for the purpose to which it was given but the truth is that a hungry and desperate person is not always the most reasonable person. Thankfully,my colleague was understanding to see things from that perspective and promised to search for the woman and try to sort her out.

Regardless of how many times we might get burnt while helping others, we just must keep at it and ensure that our human milk of kindness returns to it's original form of free-flowing.  We must keep being #AllHeartsAlways no matter what, because in the end we would always have that priceless inner peace and satisfaction that comes with reaching out.

I saw the video below and I was completely appalled by the attitudes of people towards the situation on ground (no pun intended). Now I know there are a few questions this video raises such as what manner of experiment were they doing leaving that child out there in the harsh cold for hours, etc. But the bone of contention here is this; a lot of people went past that freezing child without stopping to help. Is this what we have become?

The one thing that struck me the most in the video is the fact that as soon as people saw that a few people had gathered around to help the boy, they stopped too. While this could easily mean that people are nosy and want to be in the know when they see a crowd gathering, it also means that it takes the one person to stop and help for others to do the same as well. Why not be that one person who takes the lead is reaching out and giving help?

Have a lovely weekend ahead and do keep being #AllHeartsAlways

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