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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sexism, Ageism, Nepotism And The Evils In Between........

There are a few things that I believe are hindering development in Nigeria and I will be highlighting them in this post. In my own opinion, if we can overcome these issues, most of our problems would be sorted out.

First of all is "Ageism". In Nigeria, it is generally believed and expected of you NOT to challenge those older than you even when it is glaring that they are absolutely WRONG!! -_- I cannot understand how a system is supposed to function adequately when one cannot speak one's mind in terms of asking questions or challenging an older person especially knowing for a fact that they are in the wrong.

Just the other day, I was at the Sunday market in Ogba and as usual got a "basket boy" to help me with my purchases. Suddenly, we were accosted by an old man who demanded that the boy should pay his "daily due"! Now, this is a market I frequent often and until that day, I had never heard of such a thing. Of course, my naturally curious self casually asked the man why he wanted to collect the money from the struggling chap and when it became law. His reaction was as irritating as it was expected given the society I'm in. He was vexed and he went off at me verbally for daring to question him. I made him understand that regardless of his age, I had EVERY right to ask questions and clarify things. I also told him the country is rotten the way it is partly because the older generation feel the younger ones have NO right to question their actions or inaction.

Next up is "Sexism".  Now, I know that sexism affects both genders but we all know it affects the women more. This is so rife in our society. I see it everywhere and I mean everywhere around me. Even places and in people you would expect to know better display this disgusting attitude towards women. I cannot even begin to describe how offensive it is for me as a female to be talked down at simply because I do not have any biceps to flex or a penis to boot am female. Just the other day, a female filmmaker/celeb in Lagos was denied entry a restaurant simply because she was an unaccompanied single female!!! I was gobsmacked when I read about her encounter. Some men think they are God's gifts to earth and that women are to be seen and not heard! What arrant poppycock is that in this day and time? I am female and an intelligent one at that, if that intimidates you to the point of thinking my opinions are a no-no just because I'm female and I can't/shouldn't know any better, then I am well and truly sorry for your pathetic self.

For centuries, women have been objectified and made to feel inferior to men and even to children in some cultures so I am quite glad that we are becoming more vocal and being taken more seriously in larger societies. I have also noticed that the new fad is to label, albeit in a derisive manner, any female with a contrary opinion to men a feminist or even a lesbian. I have experienced it and have been called such to my face so I know damn well what I'm talking about. Of course I schooled such people and helped them realize their follies. Sigh.

I apologize for sounding angry but you would be too if you have been on the receiving end of these poppycock attitudes from people. The fact remains that just because we are buxom does not mean we have cotton wools for brains so kindly deal with it! If we had more intelligent and committed women in key positions in this country, we would be the better for it.

Lastly is "Nepotism". Nearly everyone is guilty of this one, Nepotism. I understand the need to want a great future for your children, but for God's sake if they are not competent and lack the skill-set for what you do, why force it on them? I know a few organizations that went kaput when the founders decided, against all odds, to allow their incompetent offsprings run the businesses. You also find cases where better qualified people are passed up at work just to create a space for the owner's child or relative. Now this is not to say that one's children/relatives always run down family businesses, I actually have a few examples of how it worked out pretty well. I'm just saying if we do not allow nepotism to cloud our judgement, we would be the better for it. There are several companies abroad that have been in existence for decades and even over a century and this is simply accuse they put the right and adequate people possessing the required skills in place rather than allow emotions such as nepotism take over their senses. There's a godfather in particular state in the West who has fixed all his kids in prominent political positions across the state, regardless of their disciplines and experiences.

How long shall we continue like this in Nigeria? I know reshaping this country to be way better than it presently is and to be at par with western countries is not rocket science and we do not need a messiah from space to come and get it done right for us.

The answers and solutions to our problems lies in our heads and in our hands. Take out ageism, sexism and nepotism from the mix and add enlightenment, selflessness and patriotism to it and we would be good to go!


  1. on sexism, a male friend walked in on me fixing the switch box of electricity supply in my apartment, the only comment the dick head, I say that without remorse is "you are so macho" I acted like a lady, gave him the screwdriver, behold he could not differentiate the neutral from the power source. This intelligent lady eventually did finish what I started n it was a success. Its hard enough being a woman, but society needs to cut strong willed women some slack n stop being an ass by trying not to box us into a corner.

    1. Chai, I just saw your comment dear. I have had a full dose of it today and I am at my tether's end right about now. I'm glad you showed him. *Hi-5*


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