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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Cold....

There's an African saying that "he who has a head has no cap, yet he who has no cap has a head". That's the situation in this story where a young 17-year-old boy asked for a penis reduction, supposedly the first ever penis reduction on earth, because the size of his penis was stopping him from being able to have sex or play sports. Before the surgery, which was suckcessful by the way, his penis measured 10 inches round and 7 inches long. And if you're wondering already, the old penis did not get bigger when erect, rather it only just got harder. -_-

The surgery procedure involved surgeons unwrapping his skin after making an incision where the old circumcision mark was. After which they then cut out two parts of tissue from each side.There are very many men who would gladly pay to have enlargements while this poor lad needed a reduction. This life ehn..........

Find the before and after pictures after the cut. Brace yourselves, they are graphic pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before the reduction!

After the reduction!!!

Ahem!!! #OkBye

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