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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Burning Forest....

I'm appalled and shocked at the amount of women and children that have been rescued from the Sambisa forest in the past couple of weeks. Everyone knew that evil Shekau, the assumed leader of the Boko Haram Terrorist group, was located in the Sambisa forest and even though I have asked times without numbers, why the heck the forest couldn't be invaded sooner? 

Why did we allow terrorists to set up a full community in Sambisa with OUR wives, sisters and mothers? Who can ever really know the extent of atrocities committed inside the Sambisa forest? Why weren't we there when they wailed and cried out to us in anguish while being starved, raped, beaten and stoned by these beasts? 

How can we right the haunted looks of horror in the eyes of the rescued and help them overcome their traumas? Where are the men? I've seen so many pictures online of the rescued and I haven't seen any men or young boys? Where are they? Have they met the fate of the Yobe school boys who were slain, shot and burned?

Why have we allowed this amount of bloodshed and grief to go unchecked and unpunished till date? What have our intelligence been up to in six years? What stopped and prevented them from working to restore sanity and peace upon our land? 

Will I ever get answers to these questions? Will the forest ever stop burning?

Picture Source: Yahoo News

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