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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What's Your Week Looking Like? :)

P.s: I began the post below on Monday and only just completed it. Keep reading and you will understand why...... :)

Hello blog readers/visitors, how was your weekend? Mine was so packed that I barely got 5 straight hours of sleep all through Phew! And then due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to wake up by 4am to prepare for work but then I couldn't leave my house until 7am for the same reason why I had to wake up that early (rme)

Alas, being a Monday in Lagos (oh, you didn't get the memo? The traffic gods usually have board-meetings on Monday mornings  in Lagos), it took me two hours to drive from home to work but I had psyched myself up last night not to allow anything get to me negatively today come what may and I'm on that path. #MindOverMatterBaby I called ahead of course to inform the office I was running late and I got a pass (Yay Boss!) but had to go in straight to meetings back to back. I still wasn't daunted yet because I choose to be happy and positive today. 

Then I remembered that my brother had given me a delicious chocolate cake on Sunday, which I brought in to work, so I quickly indulged in the lushness of it all. If you still haven't placed an order with Cake Mayor, you're missing out big time. #Fact :)

Things sort of got so fast afterwards as the amount of my workload suddenly tripled..........

On my way home, I hailed a taxi and had a most interesting encounter and experience. The cab was a very clean and new Hyundai car and the cabbie was a Hausa man (a Northerner). This was the first time I was coming across a Hausa cabbie in Lagos state and I have been taking loads of taxis here regularly for several years now. When I lived in Abuja it wasn't a rarity at all but in Lagos it is and I was mighty pleased to see him because it brought back pleasant nostalgic feelings from my brief stay in Abuja years ago. Anyways, I told him as much and he smiled and was so polite in his responses. Did I mention he was super cute and his rates very affordable as well? ;)

We got talking and I found out that he was a young married man with two young children and a burning desire to go back to school. He lost his father at a tender age and life has not been very fair to him. This however has not stopped him from working hard to turn his story around to the point he's at right now and neither has it killed his dream of getting quality education, giving his children the best and living a better life. I posted parts of his story on twitter and a lot of people asked for his phone number which I shared. I am also looking for a tutor on the mainland for him. If you know anyone that can teach him English and Maths for a few hours a week for between N10,000 - N15,000, please send me an email to 

Also, if you ever need a reliable cabbie in Lagos, call Usman on 08022267689.

Ever since then, I have been so busy with so many things, which is why I am only just completing this post on Wednesday. Sigh. Unfortunately, I think I'm coming down with a fever or so. I'm sure it's stress related though, so I might not be as active on my blog for a few days. I'm taking things easy. :)

Take care and enjoy the rest of your week........ :) 

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