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Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Young Man's Cry For Help - AllHeartsAlways

Hello good people, rise and shine because it's a brand new day and a promising week ahead.

I want to implore you all to try to reach out to this fellow if you can, because he reached out to me for some assistance and I felt the need to put it up as a post. I've explained to him that I can't be of major assistance financially presently due to some reasons though I will still send him something. I'm hoping by putting his email out here as a post (with his permission of course), he can get the full help he requires.

It's easy to get comfortable within ourselves but what's life without remembering and helping the truly NEEDY ones around us? That's the essence of being #AllHeartsAlways, to reach out and touch a life positively. I would appreciate any assistance you all can help him with.

Please find his message below. Thanks a million.

Good Evening,

My name's Wale. I was the one who reached out to you via Twitter earlier tonight for your mail.

Compliments of the season.

Let me go straight to the point, I need help, though I haven't met you before I do read about your Allhearts project and the wonderful work you do.

I'm about to be evicted and I've tried all possible avenues to raise the rent after I was out of a job for a while. I only recently got a new job last month. My rent is N180k, so far I've gotten N47k and I've been  pleading with the landlady but she isn't listening.

Since I'm no where raising the full rent, I was thinking she should accept half year's payment of N90k but she's refusing, maybe if I have the money at hand she would accept. I write to plead with you to help me if you can with whatever you have. I've been given till the weekend to pay or pack out. I've nowhere to go, as this year has been really bad for me.

I'm sorry my first time of reaching out to you is for a request.

I sincerely do hope and pray you'll be able to assist.

Thank you


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