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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Live And Let Live??????

I just got word about the ongoing terrorist crisis in France. I am gobsmacked at the lengths to which these Islamic extremists go to prove a point about the sanctity of their religion and beliefs. It is truly bothersome and even though I don't know how right now, I do know it needs to be checked ASAP.
You cannot just go around killing people simply because they crossed a line with you and have differing views from yours. You just can't and you mustn't.

This is not the first time this French Magazine Charlie Hebdo would be involved in alleged blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed and for their views on Islam and the articles and cartoons they churn out. These controversies go as far back as 2006 when the Magazine reprinted the infamous image a Danish cartoonist released which caused chaos all over the world up to our very own Nigeria. Since then Magazine Charlie Hebdo has received death threats, had a fire bomb thrown into their office thereby destroying all their computers, and so on and now this. It has been as bad as the organization  having armed security watch over them due to threats and even a previous attack. 

I do not support goading and taunting psychopaths in the name of freedom of speech. I mean come on, we all know how sensitive these fellas are about their thing yet we keep prodding till they snap. Now look at the carnage and trail of hurt and pain they have blazed across the world, just because.

There is no justification for what those incorrigible terrorists have done and still intend to do because I heard they have a list of targets across the globe whom they have earmarked for death because they feel they are anti-Islamic infidels. Even scarier for me is the fact that the three men who carried out today's terrorist act are still on the loose. Who knows where they are and what their game plans are?

Images of the terrorists in France today.
I sincerely hope and pray they are apprehended as quickly as possible and I'm pretty sure they would most likely be, what with the help of CCTV footage and also citizens support. I'm pretty sure if we, in Nigeria, have thought to install CCTV cameras all over the country as should be in this modern age, terrorism wouldn't have the upper-hand it does now. Also, the prompt response of the police, president's visit to the scene of the crime already and all that's going on right now just makes me thoroughly ashamed of my country. Boko Haram has been dealing with us seriously over the past five years and still NOTHING tangible is being done about the safety of the citizens. 268 days after the abduction of the Chibok girls, Mr. President is yet to visit Chibok nor bring back our girls. Sigh.

Stephane Charbonnier, the Editor of the Magazine was executed today. :(
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My thoughts are with the French at this time.

Find the graphic uncensored video of the poor French policeman being shot dead by the terrorists below. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.

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