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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Je Suis Charlie.

The randomness of terrorists' attacks baffles me always. It could be you or I at any given time the madness takes over these terrorists. What an awful existence.

Below is the late Charb's last cartoon; translated to mean "No attacks in France yet; wait! There's until end of Jan  to wish Happy New Year"! Hmmmmn, perhaps he knew death would come calling this January?

His cartoon is scarily accurate. Wow. 

The image below was used on the American show, Family Guy, and it depicted Jesus holding a machine gun and being passed a wrap of weed by a black man. Like someone pointed out, no lives were lost on account of such obviously offensive depiction, so why kill 12 people whose opinions differ from yours? 

There have been lots of support from people around the world especially cartoonists. I like the fact that people aren't scared of the insane repercussions of standing for freedom of speech. See some of the cartoons being drawn in memory of the deceased:

UPDATE: There's a breaking news about the Deputy Mayor disclosing that the three suspects have been identified, aged 18 years, 32 years and 33 years old,  and that at least two of them are brothers. I hope they apprehend them along with every accomplice who helped them achieve today's evil mission.

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