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Monday, 26 January 2015

Leadership By Example

On my way to work this morning, a female driver broke a traffic law and found herself faced with oncoming vehicles. The only way out for her was for my cabbie to let her through. She honked at first and the cabbie and I both had this oh-no-you-didn't look on our faces. It is so simple really that she should have known better than to drive in such a manner, risking her life and those of others. 

She read our facial expressions, rolled down the glass and began a monologue in a pleading tone:
"Oga abeg make I enter. I'm taking my daughter to school and we are late already. Please ehn"!

I took a closer look at her vehicle and noticed she did have a little girl in the back all dresses up for school and leaning into the front of the car, listening to mummy. That view got me even angrier and I had a good mind to lecture her on acting right in front of her child always because children's minds are like soft sponges that soak through with all that happens around them. That little girl just may grow up thinking it is ok to break traffic rules and beg your way out of a disciplinary action. Sadly, I did not get the chance to school this erring mother because we just had to let her in front of us to avoid an accident and more traffic.

It is our responsibilities as adults to live by examples so that the young ones can learn from us and do right by the society we have found ourselves in.


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