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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Conjoined Twins Don’t Want To Be Separated

Remember the conjoined Taiwanese twins I blogged about here a while back? Well, it appears they have no desire to be separated by doctors, as they prefer being together. The girls, seven-year-old Pin aund Pan were born with their own heads and arms but they share two legs between them. They've both learnt to do lots of things together such as eating, dressing up, riding a tricycle, etc.

Even though doctors have raised the possibility of them being separated, the girls say they don't want to bt would rather be stuck together for life. As close to each other as they can physically get, their personalities are so different; One likes noodles, the other doesn't do it, one prefers long hair, the other does not. 

I believe separating them might lead to other things such as disability, etc, so if they are fine with the way they have been born, then so be it. 

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