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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Invasion Of Cowardly Keyboard Warriors

Yup! Recently, it appears that the world has lost all the chill they've got left. (Which probably explains the heatwave in Nigeria at the moment) I mean, I read some comments online and I genuinely begin to ponder on the possibility of that person having been dropped on their heads as babies or sometimes I wonder about and pity the sad sort of life the person behind the comment must be living for them to spew such trash about others, mostly people they don't know and can NEVER walk up to physically.

It's really deplorable that some people feel the need to slight and slander others online, forgetting that their victims are human beings who also have real feelings and blood flowing through their veins, When you sit back in the darkness of your room and soul to leave horrible and judgmental comments about someone else, based on your warped perception of them, how exactly does it make you feel better? I've met some keyboard warriors and my surprise at their bland persona offline was palpable. Zero personality but loads of low self-esteem were all they oozed face-to-face yet behind their keyboards, they presented a front as tough as Thor.

I deliberately stay off celebrity news but Tiwa Savage's situation really touched me last week as I kept thanking God for her that her soon-to-be-ex-hubby did not succeed in killing himself because it would have been her word against a dead man's and perhaps only a handful of people would have believed her truth. After all, the dead cannot defend themselves even when they are 100% wrong and foul. Reading and hearing people's vile and uninformed comments and judgemental opinions  about her really got me scared of humans, especially Nigerians. I mean some people deserve gold medals for high jumping into insane and irrational conclusions all the times.

Anyways, it is all fun, games and meaningless online banter until your twisted and hurtful words tips someone over the edge and they kill themselves and come back to haunt your raggedy lily-livered chicken heart.

If you have nothing kind to say or type, say and type nothing at all...........

Well, there's always the option of you googling how to be a more positive and nicer person.

Enjoy your day folks.

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