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Friday, 20 May 2016

Hope Kept Them Alive......

There are reports of another Chibok school girl who has been found safe and alive by the Nigerian Army and vigilantes in Borno State after over two years of being in Boko Haram terrorists' captivity. Serah Luka is the daughter of a Christian pastor and had only been in the school for just two months when she was kidnapped alongside 218 other classmates and schoolmates of hers by the terrorists.

Brave Serah Luka
The Nigerian Army has cut of several supply routes of Boko Haram and it appears hunger and suffering is starting to drive them further out of Sambas forest. This means that without their regular food supplies, they are bound to come out of the forest to seek food in order to survive. Which in turn means we would most likely be seeing more of those who have been held in captivity all this time.

According to Amina, the first girl who was rescued a few days ago, all the students are still being held in Sambas except six of whom had died. :( I cannot imagine their parent's anguish at hearing such news, not knowing if their daughter would be among the six or not. Gosh, what a mess we have made of the lives of these people. 

Amina, her baby and her relieved and doting mother. Wow.

I have awaited these days of seeing our girls brought back home. I have cried, prayed, wished, hoped and longed for their return. I kept hope alive and I am mighty glad that it is slowly but surely becoming a reality, their return is. I sincerely hope that our government and the international government have got excellent rehabilitation, therapy and counselling plans for these children as they bring them back home to us. 

Their eyes tells deep stories of pain and unspoken horror and I wish I could hug it all away. I cannot imagine the things they've been subjected to and have seen at their tender ages. I don't even know how we can make this all right for them but I do know that first, we must bring them home.

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