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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How Difficult Is It To Mind Your Business?

A few years ago, the unforgettable audio clip below was released in Nigeria and it caused laughter for days. It was about a call centre staff of Etisalat, a telecommunications company in Nigeria, who had randomly and seemingly innocently called a customer to find out how he was enjoying their network since he joined Etisalat. The man's wife picked the calla and strung her along for a bit before having a go at her for calling her husband to check up on him, lol. The wife calmly demanded that Uche, the call centre officer, should never call her hubby ever again to check up on him and she even went ahead to threaten to storm Uche's office the next time she catches Uche calling her hubby, lol. 

A particular slogan came off of this encounter and that is; "Uche onise (i.e. Uche the worker) face your work".  The thing I've noticed in recent times is that there are a lot of Uche onises all over the place, especially online, not minding their damn business. Some people are so nosy and borderline rude that the things they spew literarily runs shivers down my spine. Why would any normal human being eavesdrop on your conversation and then carry on to ASK you about what they had just heard which had NOTHING to do with them? 

Why would an in-law be so concerned about what goes on in your marriage to the point of wanting to know what you ate, when you ate it and why you ate it? Why would a total stranger accost another in a market about her choice of purchase? 

I saw a picture of an ex-colleague on Facebook on Friday evening and I paid him a compliment because it was a lovely picture and of course I sighted the dart board which used to be in my former office and missed the whole crew even more. (I digress :) I woke up on Saturday and some nosy-poker had replied on the same picture saying something like "Your mustache makes you look old. Please improve on it"! 

At first I was like:

Then, I was like........

And then I wanted to.......

But y'all know I'm not one to unlook or keep quiet in the face of bullying or injustice so I politely asked her; "Aunty, izzit your moustache?" -_-

I mean why would anyone go to another person's Facebook wall and leave such a distasteful comment about his moustache? Is it your moustache or is his wife complaining? A lot of Nigerians know no boundaries or chill at all and they sometimes get put in their places, although not often or well enough, if you ask me. Of course she has not replied yet because she knows I was right and it was none of her damn business. If you are guilty of being a nosy-poker, please desist from such. The world is tough enough without us putting others down verbally or in anyway.

Have nice day and remember to face your work. :) 

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  1. Lmaol.....@ is it her mustache? Some people just don't know their limits, is it by force to even comment? Waka pass is an option


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