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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Is This The Most Racist AD Ever?

This advert was brought to my attention yesterday via my awesome GidiTraffic Viber group and it left me gobsmacked and reeling but not entirely shocked because it would take something MAJOR to come from the Chinese to leave me in utter shock after all I've seen from them in recent times, without even being stereotypical.

The advert shows a painter of African descent whistling suggestively at a Chinese lady trying to do her laundry and she beckons at him to approach her. He then struts seductively towards her and as he leans in for a kiss, she dodges slightly, pops a detergent pill into his mouth and shoves him into her washing machine and sits on it while he shakes and screams inside the wash. A short while afterwards, a "squeaky clean" Chinese man comes out of the washing machine and the silly girl is all over him like a rash. 


My views.

1. Racism is real and the Chinese do not give a hoot about how we feel about their racist advert.

2. For all their racist brainwave idea, it was a rip off of an Italian ad. But of course we all know no one does plagiarism better than the Chinese, right? 

3. The silly advert just might encourage kids to start popping those detergent pills into their mouths. way to go.

4. The black model probably had no idea of how this advert would end up, for all his sexiness.

5. The new improved squeaky clean Chinese wasn't that handsome after all if at all sef. 

6. I really doubt if racism would end totally in my time. It's an unrelenting vicious circle that keeps spinning.

7. Donald Trump probably approves of the advert. 

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