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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Love Should Not Have To Hurt

Apologies for being incommunicado over the past week or so. I have been extremely busy with work work work work work. I always have all my readers in mind though, so out of sight is NOT out of mind. :)


Over the past few days, Nigerians have been agog with the news of the young lady who was murdered by her husband. I'd been in all-day-long strategy session all weekend and I was totally out of touch with the happenings outside my environment so I did not hear about the case until late on Sunday night and I was mighty appalled by it all. How can a man kill his wife and lock their kids inside the house with her dead body and go off to work? 

Who. Does. That? 

The scoundrel culprit, finally apprehended by the police after absconding.

I fear for the mental state of the kids, so young but old enough to know what has happened, how their father has finally murdered their mother after years of abuse. I will still write and share some true  but awful stories of domestic violence I have witnessed and heard over the years. 

The past few days has been rather shockingly enlightening as several domestic violence victims/survivors have come out to share their experiences. It makes me shudder with anger at the things Nigerian women have been through while enduring to save themselves from the shame of stigmatisation.

Let me just end this post with this. No one is worth dying over in the name of love or saving face. 

Love does not hurt, if it starts to hurt, then it is no longer hurt. Get out with your life while you can.

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