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Friday, 12 February 2016

An Inspiring Survivor Story

By now most you have probably heard about the fairytale-like story of Olajumoke, 27-year-old the bread seller who gave Cinderella a run for her money as far as happy endings to long-suffering goes. If you have not, the summary of it all is this; Olajumoke is was a struggling mother of two who had to split her family in the search for a better life. Between her husband, her two young kids and herself, they just could not make ends meet so she decided to leave her home in Osun State and venture to Lagos State in the search for greener pastures. She left her toddler with her husband and came down to Lagos with her we baby just in a bid to get a better paying job to keep the family together. 

On getting to Lagos and with the help of a distant relative, she took to bread hawking and went about her duties rather diligently and dedicatedly. Day by she day she hoisted her tray of fresh breads on her head and hawked them around. Now check this, in another life and setting, a Nigerian-British artist named Tinnie Tempah came around to Lagos to shoot some photos with renowned photographer Ty Bello and they were at it when Olajumoke strolled onto their photoshoot set, hawking her bread and oblivious to how that singular moment would change her life forever.

Ty Bello captured the perfect shot and immediately realised she had an unknown star within her lens. (I'm even getting goosebumps as I type this, wowsers) Seeing a huge potential in this seemingly unlikely model, Ty Bello took it upon herself to search for this beautiful bread seller and thanks to the internet, the picture went viral and Olajumoke was found. I've seen a few videos shot of her and her innocence just radiates through. Her smiles and chiselled face are such a dream. :)

Ever since the picture went viral and she was found, Olajumoke has had nothing but good fortunes come to her. She's been featured on the cover of ThisDay Style newspaper. She's also been given several makeovers, photoshoots, modelling contracts, training opportunities in two different top beauty salons in Lagos, an education scholarship for her children, and so much more. How amazing is that? :)

What a natural she is in front of the camera. :)

It just goes to prove that whatsoever your hands find to do, do them well indeed because you just never know when opportunity would come calling. I hear she's to be featured on CNN and already, Huffington Post has carried her story. 

Kapow! Get that contract baby girl. :)

Even Huffington Post is inspired. Are you? :)
She's now a world class woman crush. :) 
I am really happy for her and I hope her story motivates and encourages a lot of people out there that miracles do happen, no matter how dire or critical your present situation is. Hang in there, don't give up, be hopeful and you will be just fine. TGIF

Be inspired. Be #AllHeartsAlways . Be positive always.

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