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Friday, 5 February 2016

#TGIF Live And Let Live

Friday is here and the weekend is upon us, Yay!! Not that it makes that much "fun difference" to me anymore because I have a training to be at pretty early tomorrow which would last all day. You see, I have had a rather busy and engaging week so far as a result my change in jobs et al which I talked about briefly on Monday here. It is exhausting changing what was my normal routine for four years to what it is now but hey, I am a survivor and I will get used to it in due course. What's life without bits of ups and downs, right?

I must apologise for my seemingly epileptic posts all week and the typos. It's been tough balancing everything I've got going presently but I will figure it out soon enough so do bear with me. 

So there's been all sorts of news all week which I have not had time to properly digest and write on but I will touch on one issue this morning and that is the issue of domestic violence. Domestic violence cuts across genders and it is a despicable act. This week, there has been several cases but the one drawing the most attention is the one about the lawyer wife who knifed her husband while he lay asleep.  Initially, I refrained from commenting on this because I did not have the facts but having read up on the stories surrounding it all, I feel I must highlight certain things.

The general story is that the wife found out that the husband had had a child out of wedlock even though she was yet was yet to conceive and she felt deeply betrayed because she had given up so much to make their marriage work. They got into a fierce argument and she stabbed him in the shoulder initially, after which he got treated and went back home to sleep off the drugs he'd been given. She allegedly stabbed him fatally in the neck while he slept. Gruesome. That's just one side of the story though. Other sides say she had been verbally and physically abused and battered in the past by the husband.

While I can understand how infuriatingly painful it is to be betrayed by your spouse, I must say that physically and violently lashing out to the point of drawing blood and eventually killing the one who hurt you is a tad extreme and unwarranted. There is always the option to WALK AWAY FROM BULLSHIT. You do not have to stoop so low to conquer all the time. No one is worth sacrificing your freedom for in such a manner.

Why stay in an unhappy marriage simply to save face for people who do not own you nor live in the same house as you? Why punish and degrade yourself just to please others? Why conform to a society's twisted and selfish rules which says that you must be married to be respected? Why remain in a violent marriage or relationship? WHY?

It is simply not worth it. If you cannot tolerate a cheating or lazy spouse, leave rather than get physical. You would even be doing yourself a favour in the long run, if you cannot work things out amicably. There is NO justification to tolerate a violent spouse, pack up and leave. No man or woman should stay in a violent relationship. That is NOT how love ought to be, but it clearly indicated meanness and selfishness on the part of the abusers. Marriage is NOT a do or die affair.

I hope more people would see the light and get a move on with their lives rather than succumb to pent up fury and commit such a grave crime as assault or even murder, thus jeopardising their lives and future. 

Live and let live.

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