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Monday, 29 February 2016

Amazing Rare All-White Animals.

Check out these pictures of rare white animals. While some of them were born as albinos, others like the white giraffe I blogged about here some weeks ago, are the way they are as a result of a genetic mutation.

The odd one out of this group is the elephant which only appears white due to dried white clay residue on his skin following a bath at a watering hole. It would be awesome to see an actual white elephant though, that would bring the proverb about the "white elephant in the room" to live, wouldn't it? :)

Happy viewing.

A white squirrel. 
A rare white kingfisher bird.

An albino lemur hitches a ride on his mum's back. :)

How gorgeous os this white baby American alligator? :)

Remember Omo the white giraffe? :)
This is a 4-month-old albino wallaby. 

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