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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Be Prepared For Opportunities.

Still on the matter of the blessed and lucky Olajumoke, the bread hawker who randomly walked into a photoshoot set and thus had her life transformed, perpetually great things are happening real fast for her. Beyond the scholarships, modelling contract and interviews she's already gotten, a luxury real estate company has given herself and family a luxury apartment and paid the lease for 3-4 years. In addition to this, they would be furnishing the new pad for the family and they are also looking into setting up her husband with skills and a job. It is imperative that he isn't left out in all of these because we all know how most African men and their egos can get. The lucky fellow looks so dazed in each picture of him I see and rightly so.

This sudden turnaround that has happened to them is the sort of stuff you read in fictitious fairyland story books. It is a pretty rare occurrence that someone has gone, glaringly, from grass to grace. It is a delightful thing to behold nonetheless, and I am mighty happy for the family.

The point of this post is not to talk about her feature on CNN nor her sponsorship deals with StanbicIBTC Bank and PayPorte not how everyone is trying to identify with her new fortunes and elevate her some more. No. The point of this article is to open some eyes and inner minds to the fact that Olajumoke's case was about preparation meeting opportunity.

Olajumoke was prepared and she was armed with a smile. When she was shooed off that scene for interrupting, she could have frowned her face and cussed out the cranky booers but she did not. She smiled and that was all it took for her chiseled facial features to be noticed well enough for this change to happen. We all must learn to seize opportunities and hold on to them whenever they present themselves. Olajumoke did not get upset that her image had been circulated by a stranger, she was eager, keen and oh so polite all the way. Olajumoke did not arrive at the ThisDay Style shoot with a negative attitude, but she came prepared to take on whatever was dished and take on she did. She was a natural in front of the cameras, she blossomed even though she probably did not understand the entire fuss. Olajumoke came prepared.

How prepared are you for the day your special benefactor shows up in your face?

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