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Monday, 1 February 2016

February, The Best Month Ever. ;)

At last January came to an end and February is upon us. I think February is the best month on the calendar and that's largely because I was born in February and also because it is meant to be the month of love and lots of kind-hearted people are born in February. 

There's something nice and fresh about the month which I just can't place my hands on, but I know deep down inside you, you feel it too. Lol. 

I am looking forward to celebrating another birthday in a couple of weeks. (It's on the 17th, for those who want to send me gifts and stuff, hehehehe), and I am really glad to be blessed enough to have lived my life well up to this point. 

If your birthday or your partner's birthday falls in February, send me a picture and a line or two and I will give you/them a shoutout. (Email: Yes, us Aquarius folks are generous like that. :) I'll bet y'all wishing you were born in February now, right?

Have a splendidly fabulous month ahead. 

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