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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Buki's Bits And A Funny Video.

Good morning to you and you and you and you. It's my second day at my new job and even though the morning (by the morning, I mean as early as 4am because that's when I get up now in order to get to work in time. *Grins*) didn't quite go according to plan, I am still cheery and cheerful. I was a bit upset initially but then I took a second look at what was going wrong and I chose to focus on what was right (thanks to my supportive hubby as well ;) 

I went ahead to tweet that "Life will always find ways or use people to try to screw you over. Don't let 'em get to you. #BePositive #AllHeartsAlways" and I believe this totally. We would feel happier of we rise above challenges and dwell on the way forward rather than dwell on disappointments. 

So the emoticon above was my initial reaction to the video below when I first saw it on Facebook yesterday. I couldn't believe my eyes and thankfully my brain was quick to calm my excitement down by raising the "fake video" alert!!!! It was nevertheless very amusing to me that someone would even think up such. Watch what happens at the end. LOL

Have a fabulous day ahead. :)

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