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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Good Eggs, Bad Eggs, Some Eggs.

In the wtf-did-I-just-read-section today is an article  (click here) that would astound you. It by a brilliant young chap, Dipo Ogun and it tells of the experience of his tailor in the hands of the Nigerian police. You have to read it to understand a minute part of the ginormous rot in our police force in Nigeria.

It quickly brings to mind two stories, first of which is the one my brother's friend went through. An absolutely drunk guy ran in front of his car on his way home a couple of months ago and after rushing him off to a hospital, this newly wedded young man went to report the incidence at the police station. He was promptly arrested for "hit and run" for coming to report the incidence himself. Sigh.

Then a few days ago, a chap calls me and says he had just been battered by a MOPOL (Mobile Policeman) for no reason. One minute he was talking to a man, the next minute this random Mopol was all up in his business and ended up slapping him thrice across the face. He burst his nose and the poor chap almost bled to death. Apparently, the Mopol was drunk and acted up because 'the devil pushed him to'. Thank God, the chap I know did not bleed to death nor suffer any injuries worse than he did. Also, he happened to know the Mopol's Commander and the drunken culprit was promptly arrested, stripped of his uniform and thrown behind bars. This culprit had only recently been fired from the company he was attached with because he threatened to shoot an unarmed civilian. 


The irony for me was when the Inspector General of Police, IGP Solomon Arase, claimed some weeks ago that the Nigerian Police has the least corrupt officers in the industries in the country. *holds laff and wails in disappointment* This makes me wonder and worry about how things are meant to be fixed right if those who ought to fix them do not even realize and acknowledge that there's a problem!

When does it all end?

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