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Friday, 29 January 2016

#NewMusic: Only Takes A Day - Reach

I came across these Folk/Hip-Hop Acoustic duo based in London via Twitter and I went ahead to watch and listen to one of their songs and I was quite impressed by it.  With influences ranging from Bob Dylan to J Dilla, their sound has been described as a more melodic version of Scroobius Pip.

The line up includes Shaan on guitar and vocals, and Fab on the Drum Kit/Percussion.
Forming under a different name in 2014, the duo made a return in 2015 with a new name (Only Takes A Day) and their first delf produced music video.

I find their music style fresh and appealing and I really hope they go very far.

They have a few other songs on YouTube which y'all can check out. I especially enjoyed "I Whisper" because I could relate with the lyrics.

Shaanvir Rehal
Fabien Waldheim

Lyrics to Reach
Positivity in a negative world
Is so hard to achieve as the more lies unfurl and
Honesty In a corporate world
Doesn’t exist
Cos everyone just tries to take the piss!
And as less people listen
I become more of a cynic
Then I look at myself
and realise I’m just a hypocrite
Because sometimes I like to buy nice things
Sometimes I like to buy nice clothes
Sometimes I hate corporations
cos I feel they’re all my foes and
Sometimes I just don’t care
Just wanna live my life
Maybe work real hard
Maybe find myself a wife
Maybe have a couple of kids
And teach them to be honest too
Teach them to be hard working
And refuse to be fools
But the world conspires against you
As it...
Divinates your fate
You’re told to love thy neighbour
But all you can do is hate and...
As we get whipped up by the currents
And the eddies of the press
Making us happy one minute
And then depressed the next
We all take solace
In our entertainment today
By the films that we watch
And all the songs that we play but...
I don’t see any integrity
Or empathy on MTV
And the more that I watch the
Closer I get to therapy cos...
I just get this earful
Of the man I’m told to be
To get that beautiful girl over there
Just to look at me!
How’s it going my names Shaan
I have a degree in chemistry
And I play the classical guitar
I like to read books
And I like to frequent bars
And I like to like the mind controller
Who talks about the moon and stars but...
That’s about as rare as finding someone
Who cares...
More about this world around us
And less about their hair
And some people will tell me
Maybe I’m not being fair
But then define fairness
And you’ll see that it’s not here
It’s not here in this song
Cos it’s not here in my heart
It’s not here in this world
That we are all a part but...
As we disconnect ourselves
From society today
We can free and unify this world
Under one common name
No more rude boys
No more goths
No more crips or bloods
No more crooks or cops
No more Armenians, Iranians,
Algerians or French
No more Scottish or British
Or Yiddish instead
We are all human
All under one sky
We’ve all been born equal
And don’t let no one tell you otherwise
So for the people that get this
This song is for you
Put your hands in the air
And try and reach for the moon
Use that devine light
To try and illuminate this gloom
Put your hands in the air
Try and reach for the moon


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