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Saturday, 4 April 2015

#BlogFeature - Kindly Keep The Smiles Steady Sir.

Here's another brilliant article by Vivian Beulah Igbokwe. It's her second time being featured as a guest writer on my blog after her explosive debut here. It's a fun read and highlights the rewards of being aware of our surroundings so please do share with every one you know. You never know just how far this might go in getting the change we seek.


It was just like when Nigeria got her independence, when mothers danced on the streets, children shouted on the roads and men drank in groups. I wasn't born then but I've watched several documentaries and read so much about the event of that beautiful: that event where men sacrificed their lives and freedom for a free Nigeria. That day when our new baby was born and we like a new mother watched everyday with the eyes of a hawk for even the slightest development. Until when our baby refused to walk or even try to get up when she fell and then our hearts broke.

I worked in the elections and sincerely with what I saw, I never expected APC to win. I thought the results will be so doctored and then several months will be spent in court disputing over the results. I was quite surprised when I saw APC win up to 25% of the votes in some States outside the North. I can't swear now with my life that APC  didnt do anything but you see it is time for change.

History has proven over and over again that whenever the people are ready, power ultimately belongs to them. French Revolution.
Nigeria has also proven that the power of incumbency can be defeated. Presidential elections 2015. Imo Governorship elections 2011 and hopefully Imo Governorship elections 2015.

Women danced in the streets. Children were jumping in joy, not that they understood what was happening but because the adults were joyful. The Youths were all over the place, pulling all forms of stunt with their bikes, then singing and dancing  and drinking with the men and women till very late into the night in the village where I'm serving. Buhari had won. Everyone looking forward to change. There was reason to hope again.

I was quite impressed with these people's passionate political awareness and participation despite their very low level of literacy. I come from a place where people are politically aloof.  So I watched with amusement and excitement as they celebrated till late into the night.
Our dear President elect, please I'm talking to you Sir. Nigeria, like a child learning to walk that keeps falling and getting up till his leg becomes strong, has made many mistakes. But please, let this adult walk now in strength. That night, I saw so much joy on their faces.
Sir, please, can you keep this smile coming?

Article by: Vivian Beulah Igbokwe
Twitter : @club7teen

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