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Monday, 27 April 2015

Help Us Bring Taiwo Akinbode Back Home


Last week, a friend contacted me and said his friend's sister had been kidnapped in Port-Harcourt. He asked that we pray along with the family for her release and I did. I had no clue she was an old friend's twin sister. I only just found out today that it was Taiwo Oluwatoyin Akinbode, gospel artist Kenny K'ore's sister that was kidnapped. I have been out of sorts since I found that out. 

The poor lady was deceived into thinking she was going for a job interview when she left Lagos State for Rivers State on the 16th of April, 2015. Up until today 27th of April, she has not been released by her captors. They have demanded for  ransom of =N=5 million before they will release her. Even though the police and a bunch of other law enforcement agencies are involved in the case, they have not been successful in securing the release of Taiwo nor apprehending these ruthless kidnappers. 

If you can recognize the lady in the picture or have any information or assistance to render the family which will help in getting this young lady home safely, please contact the family on this number: 08073479563.

I cannot even begin to imagine how traumatic the past 10 days+ has been for this family. My sincere prayer is that this ends in praise for the family and loved ones. I pray she would be released soon and I really hope the government would find a way to crackdown on these kidnapping cartels. 

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