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Monday, 20 April 2015

The Power In You.

Perhaps I saved a life today. Perhaps it was a fluke. One thing is clear to me now, in cases of emergencies that involves life or death, our natural instincts kick in long enough to do right. If it doesn't for you, then you need mental help.

One of my greatest fears while growing up was of snakes. I loathed snakes and their slithering ways and this loathing brought about a paralyzing fear of them in me. Yet, I recall the first, second and third times I have had to kill snakes that threatened the safety of young human lives. As petrified as I was, I had to do it because no one else could sum up the courage to. I had to face my fear of snakes to protect others from coming to harm because I knew that any bite would lead to death given that there were no antidotes close by. Sigh. 

It makes me wonder how people would mob a thief or an African foreigner or a fellow migrant just because. I simply cannot understand why others would stand and watch such unjust horrors meted out to others without defending them and saving them from death. I can never understand it, and I would never be on such a side as to stand and do nothing while a person dies even if it costs me mine. -_-

Perhaps I saved a life today. I was called to aid a colleague who couldn't breathe. Her airwaves were blocked and she was gasping for breadth. Upon seeing her, my natural instinct kicked in as I took in the scene before me. Her face had been splashed with water but that hadn't helped, clearly. She couldn't talk nor breathe. It was scary but rather than panicking, adrenalin and instinct to help her breathe kicked in. Out of the blues I recalled a first aid technique I had come across in the past. 

When someone is having a panic attack and can't breathe right, you get a paper bag, scrunch it up a bit and try to get them to breathe into it. Obviously we didn't have paper bags just lying around waiting for such a scenario so my senses triggered an alternative and an A4 envelope struck me as an appropriate replacement, so I demanded for one while I got her seated and tried to help her relax by rubbing her back and talking to her softly. As soon as I laid my hands on the envelope, I scrunched it up, leaving a small gap at the top and I placed it across her mouth and coaxed her into taking small breadths. She did great and within a minute, she could breathe better and even speak a little. I was relieved and still a tad euphoric that she could breathe again. I went into auto-pilot and started cleaning and arranging the entire area. Then I went back to my desk as reality hit me and I immediately plugged in my earphones, played some music to calm my nerves and started writing this post, lest I burst into tears. :)

One advice I would give is the need for everyone to learn the basic first aid techniques because you just never know where it would come in handy. I intend to brush up on my CPR skills as well by reading some more and watching videos on how to go about it online.  

If I learnt anything today, it's that no knowledge is ever lost.

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  1. Well done Bukky, it takes a lot of Strength and courage to safe another's life, good thing though that you had knowledge of the paper bag use for breathing.
    Also with regards to brushing up on your 1st aid techniques you can try registering for a short course with the Institute of Safety professionals, and even get some of your staffs trained too, they offer short courses for office staffs.
    Kudos once again dear.


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