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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Bring Them Back Home Please.

Missing Kids: Aderomola Orekoya, 11 months, Adedamola Orekoya, 4 years and Demola Orekoya, 6 years

I got a broadcast on my phones last night about the abduction of three children by the new housemaid and it sent shivers down my spine. This is the third of such incidence in Lagos within a year and as a working mother myself, it really bothered me. As if being a wife, mother, employee, daughter in-law, friend, neighbour and so on is not hard enough, these devious maids are now set to throw an additional spanner in our works. The truth is that it is getting tougher being a female in this world and I really don't see how we can get out of it other than learning to balance things and following our guts every time.

I felt so heartbroken as I imagined the anguish and confusion of the parents of those children. How can any person come up with such an evil plan as to take away three children from a family? How are the children coping? I have found missing kids in the streets at least twice and I know how dazed, torn and distraught they were until I found their parent. So I know those wee kids are not having it easy at all being away from their parents and home. 

It is easy for people to chastise and criticize the parents of these three missing children but until you walk a mile in their shoes, I would suggest you look at their situation critically. Gone are the days when the mothers stayed at home while the fathers went out to bring home the bacon. Gone are the days when mothers had loads of family members willing to live with them and help them keep extra eyes on their children. These days, everyone is out there trying to earn some money in order not to starve to death or suffer. Things are so tough nowadays that having two sources of income in a household is not nearly enough to sustain a family anymore, so the mothers have to work as well. Then there's the small but crucial fact that only a handful of companies in Nigeria have the luxury of running baby daycare centers within their establishments, where employees can keep their children till the end of work each day. I will tell you based on real life experience that it is a very tough decision for a working mother to leave her kids every morning and go out to work. 

I sincerely pray those kids are found soon, safe and well. I implore everyone to please show the pictures to every policeman at every check point. You just never can tell....... Below are the details I've got on this issue so far. 
MISSING IN SURULERE - Please re broadcast !!!

MISSING KIDS!!! Our children Aderomola Orekoya, 11 months, Adedamola Orekoya, 4 years and Demola Orekoya, 6 years are MISSING!!! The house help only resumed yesterday, took the kids out at 8am this morning and never returned. 
We've never known what it means to miss a child until now! What kind of heartless person will do this to a family??! Please help us, our hearts our broken, we've cried and cried so much, we don't know what to do anymore. Please if you see these kids kindly call this numbers 08052062117, 09098097935. or 08060184514

Dear all, the missing 3 children have not been found, I can authoritatively tell u that the 3 siblings out of 4 were kidnapped from their home in Itire by their nanny and were last seen highlighting from a bus going from Yaba to at 10.30pm tonight, the mother of the children who works in UBA does not know the whereabouts of  her 3 out of 4 children.... the rumour going round about their discovery in Sagamu is false as it relates to a previous kidnap of a boy and a girl which happened some months back. please we all need to be vigilant and continue the search for these 3 kids. By the way, the nanny was gotten from OLX so be warned....we pray that the kids will be united with their parents soonest by the special Grace of God. Amen. Please if u have any useful information regarding their whereabouts, kindly call the police or contact 08052062117. Thank u and God Bless


  1. Amen @ ur prayer buki, its such a sad thing. May God continue to guide n protect us all.

  2. They will be found in Jesus name, no evil shall befall them!!


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