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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Little Gestures Go A Long Way

Did you know that kind gestures, however small they may seem, very often go a long way in making positive impacts and setting off a train of kinder gestures. It's incredible how many people all over the world are suffering from depression but have to hide it away from people perhaps in order to save face in the society and within their families or to keep their jobs and friends. 

In the light of the madness shown by Andreas Lubitz the maniacal GermanWings pilot, a flight passenger penned down the handwritten note below addressed to the pilot of a flight he was on. It's a moving gesture with a personal touch.I have no doubt how much this would have boosted anybody's morale let alone a depressed pilot's. 

It makes me realize that we all need to do a bit more in inquiring about the welfare of those around us. It is not enough to ask how a person is doing and then move on if they say they are OK. Sometimes, we need to probe slightly deeper by asking if they are really sure and if indeed all is truly well with them. A lot of times, people put up a facade of well being when things are far from being fine at all. I think the life would be a better place if we genuinely ask about the well-being of those around us.

So dear blog visitors, how are you doing today? :)

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