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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Babington Macaulay School Girls Kidnapped By Gunmen

There have been reports of the kidnap of a number of young school girls from Babington Macaulay School in Ikorodu Lagos a couple of days ago at gunpoint. Sources say the gunmen gained entry from the back of the school by breaking through the perimeter fencing around the school. The Lagos State Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni, says a team of crack detectives are on the matter, working hard to catch the abductors and rescue the girls.

A friend whose neighbour's children go to the school contacted me yesterday. I am still trying to gather more information on this developing story. I went to a boarding house far away from home, and in the middle of a forest, and I shudder to imagine this sort of thing happening back then. The students would have been like sitting ducks, helpless and caught unawares. This sort of incidence and security breach should not be happening and I hope the perpetrators are caught and dealt with publicly and severely to deter others from towing that line. I also sincerely pray they get the girls back safe and sound. This is so heartbreaking.

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