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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Stay Safe And Guarded Out There!

WOW. I can't believe what I just watched. A gang of thieves used a female gang member as a decoy before robbing an innocent resident in New Ham, England. The female acted like a post delivery person and the gullible resident opened his/her door to receive the fake parcel, when the other members of the gand appeared and attacked the victim. Wow. 

Let's stay guarded everywhere we are. Here in Nigeria, I have read two cases of the murders of two young ladies in the past three days alone. Their pictures were too gory for me to put up on my blog. Their mutilated bodies were found thrown in bushes with major body parts missing. Craziness. Stay guarded and safe out there peeps. Obviously we have several undetected serial killers walking in our midst, undetected. Sadly, we have no database but I would like to think the police are on to these cases and similar ones. Those beasts must be caught and punished. 

I would advise young ladies out there to be more intuitive and always listen to their gut feelings. Also, ensure you let at least one friend/family member know where you are at every point in time. Get a pepper spray if you must. Stay guarded.

God help us all.

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