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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

#Repost - Change: Start Simple, End Victorious

As many people clamor for change daily, only a few actually work towards achieving these changes. Change can only occur when we start looking inward and acting right towards those around us. Thereafter we must educate and re-orientate others around us.

I believe one of the major problems we human beings have is our lust and thirst for material things. Items which we cannot take out of this world when we depart from it. I have never seen anyone buried with their house, car or wardrobe full of clothes. I have never seen the point of acquiring vast wealth fraudulently and at the detriment of others.

Greed and corruption stems from being materialistic to the point of being lackadaisical to how it affects the next person. We can scream blue murder till we lose our voices, ranting and railing against our leaders but the truth is these leaders are from amongst us. They are a product of the society, as we are.

In order for us to get things right, we must all come together to change our mindsets. It would help if those leading in the religious and entertainment sectors can help spread the message of goodness and pure love rather than preach and spread anything contrary.

Then we have the task of teaching our children, the younger generation,  the right things and ensuring they adhere to these learnings. Some parents do not even know to teach their children the simplest things like saying "please and thank you'. If you get too busy to train your child right, then we would only keep spinning in this vicious cycle of moral bankruptcy in which we have found ourselves. Teaching them is not enough really, they must see us live exemplary lives without compromise in any way as well.

I believe we can bring about positive changes in the world we are in today. I am not entirely deluded to imagine a world without evil, but bringing it to the barest minimum is what I aim to do in my own little way.

Are you ready for positive changes in our world today? 

Be #AllHeartsAlways

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