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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Communication Is Key.

Just yesterday morning, I blogged here about how the government should communicate better to the citizens of Nigeria and then I was informed that the Minister of State For Petroleum Resources and Group Managing Director of NNPC, Ibe Kachikwu had tweeted an apology to Nigerians over the continuos and prolonged fuel scarcity in the country. He went ahead to allay the fears of Nigerians and assured us that things would be set right soon. 

Reading his tweets was a bit assuring to me and I'll bet to several Nigerians as well. We need to be carried along daily on the affairs of the country as it concerns us, especially so we can plan better and make our lives more bearable. Gone are the days when being taciturn and unlooking the shenanigans of those we voted into power was the norm. These days, we are better informed and empowered to have and use our voices to fight for our fundamental rights.

So let's ask and task our leaders to do right by us. Let us hold them accountable for everything they ought to do, let us fight now to ensure a better and brighter future for our children. Know your rights, claim your rights. A closed mouth is a closed destiny. 

Have a splendidly productive day ahead.

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