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Monday, 28 March 2016

#Repost - The Final Straw....

What represents the sole snowflake that tips your avalanche over? The proverbial "final straw" comes in various forms. No matter the things we are faced with daily or people even, it often takes the one thing to make us realize we are done with staying in the shadows of mediocrity when we can do far better than we currently are.

Now I'm talking about really being pushed to the wall unfairly and not merely out of intolerance or impatience. These things could be in forms of emotions being toyed with, standards not being met at work or in the society, overbearing relatives, etc (you get my drift). I am a firm believer in standing up for what is right and enforcing it. I can't condone injustice in any form and if we had more people averse to injustice and more receptive to giving and receiving love, trust me, we would be better off as earthlings for it.

For me, the final straw that birthed my online awareness campaign tagged #AllHeartsAlways was the sight of a young boy hawking wares under the scorching sun that fateful day, shortly after i relocated to Nigeria. My heart broke that day. I was in an air-conditioned car and still felt the blazing sun, how much more this young lad hustling hard to get 'small money'. I beckoned to him and handed him a some cash and when he tried to give me something off his wares, I stopped him and asked him to go and get a very cold drink. The expression on his face was indescribable. You'd have thought i had either sprouted horns or huge wings and a halo. If the situation was not so pathetic, it could have been funny. Then he burst into tears, tears of relief and appreciation at being appreciated I would presume.

Sigh. Sadly I couldn't engage him further because it was right in the middle of a busy road fraught with traffic and hoodlums. Alas, he is just one of hundreds of thousands of needy people struggling to survive. He was my final straw and the wake up call I needed to go all out for others as always and encourage/re-orientate others to being caring and concerned for other people as well.

The need to show love and care for the needy around us cannot be overemphasized. I hereby encourage you, yes you reading and sharing this post, to be #AllHeartsAlways.

What will represent the sole snowflake that tips your avalanche over? 

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