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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

List Of Properties Seized From Alex Badeh


Retired Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh, Nigerian's former Chief of Defence has been accused of stealing about $20m from the Air Force and splurging these funds on the purchase of several properties. Naturally, he's denied the charges of fraud, money laundering and criminal breach of trust but the amount of evidences showing  otherwise is rather glaring. 

It is shocking to see the amount of irresponsible and greedy corruption which went on under former President Jonathan's watch. Every time I read news like this one, I get really upset and downright annoyed because those funds could and should have been used to do so much more for the average Nigerian and our general wellbeing. Yet, a select few felt it was alright to loot and squander our resources on inane things, whilst many languished (anguishing still) in abject poverty.

Below are a few of the properties seized from Retired Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh:

1. A mansion at 6 Ogun River St Abuja where $1m cash was recovered. The property is valued at over N1.1b.

2. Plot 1386 Oda Crescent Cadastral Zone Wuse 11 Abuja worth NN650m. N304m used for renovation.
3. A duplex at 19 Kumas Crescent Wuse 11 Abuja worth N260m. N60m used for renovation and N90m used for furnishings.
4. A duplex at 14 Adzope Crescent Wuse Abuja worth N330m.
5. Bought from Rabiu Isyaku Rabiu a duplex at 8A Embu st Wuse 11 Abuja worth N240m.
6. A property at 2 Nelson Mandela St Asokoro Abuja worth N62m.
7. Removed directly the sum of N3.9b in total from the Nigerian Airforce.

All these were recovered with the help of insiders that blew the whistles and provided devastating evidences. Including bank statements, property sales agreements etc.

The lootings under Gej were free for all. 

What a shame.

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  1. This is indeed shameful and I pray all these looters are brought to justice and all our looted funds retrieved back from them.....awon monsters ole jati jati


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