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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

All's Well That Ends Well

Yesterday, I had one of the shittiest days I've ever had. I was 50 shades of stressed, exhausted, hormonal, swamped with work, cranky and all that was in between. At least twice, I felt like bursting ito tears just for the hell of it but I did not because I'm rugged like that. Hehehehe, SurvivorTinz

One minute, it was 5pm and the next thing I knew when I glanced at my watch, it was 7.03pm!!! I had missed the staff bus and I still had loads to do. Sigh. I called my cabbie and quickly had a conference call with our Abuja branch and the head of one of the departments here in Lagos, while waiting for him and packing my stuff up simultaneously. After the call, I was so exhausted that my brain simply didn't register that my cabbie had not called to say he had arrived, instead, I just bade everyone goodnight and exited the building. I was really knackered and a tad sad at that point.

Upon getting outside and realising my folly, I called my cabbie and thankfully, he was close. Suddenly, I noticed a cheeky colleague of mine shinning his teeth inside a tinted shiny car. Ahnahn, warrisgoingonhere, I wondered. I went up to the car and there he was, grinning broadly like the cat that ate the canary, lol (he will kill me for this). We chatted a bit and he introduced me to his friend who rode shotgun. I stopped to take my cabbie's call when I noticed that something was blinging in the back of the car, so I went back to the car and demanded to know who was hiding at the back (yes, I can be bossy and in-your-face like that, lol). Mind you, I was still sad, knackered and cranky at this point o.

The occupant wound down the glass and it was.............................. wait for it........................ *drum roll* dumdumdumdumdum.......................... wait a bit more while I relish my pleasant surprise at who it was.......................................... Ok ok ok, calm down, lol. It was Korede Bello!!!!

Yes, Korede Bello Doro Mega Superstar Super Cutie With The JerryCurls of MAVIN!!!! Only last month, I blogged here about his awesome song Romantic featuring Tiwa Savage. HaHa, I swear down, everything that was wrong with me before setting my eyes on him was righted and disappeared in that instant. Who needs UN ambassadors to achieve World Peace when we have Korede Bello? :)

I immediately bullied asked him to open the door and I got in, he was soooooooo cute and friendly. We took selfies, I dazzled him with my pent up positive vibes, he serenaded me and a friend who called at that moment (I can still hear her screaming ringing in my ears, lol), we gisted, followed each other on Twitter (well, I followed him and helped him to follow me, lmao), I gave him needed and unsolicited advise on how to handle groupies (LOL at his embarrassed demeanour, oh yes I went there), I think I managed to convince him to elope with me too, (I kid, I kid). I do think I was able to convince him to take me on his private jet as his counsellor and advisor, lol.

We were all shades of silly last night and I was relieved because before I ran into him, all i wanted to do was get into my cab and cry hot tears of exhaustion and frustration but Korede Bello became my silver lining last night. He even viewed my blog and thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's post on Damien Escobar so if there's ever an explosive musical collaboration between the both of them, remember it all started right here. ;)

So folks, no matter what you're going through, stay strong, endure because there are always rainbows after every storm, and there's always light at the end of every dark tunnel.

Have a wonderful day ahead and keep being #AllHeartsAlways.

*whistling and walking off on sunshine*  :)

Enjoy this as much as I do everyday. :)


  1. emi??? cat that ate the canary??? Glad to have been part of the reason to light up ur day.

    1. LOL. Sheesheeporaro is that you hiding? :)


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