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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Let's Take Losode To The Very Top

Let's help Ade Adeyemi, Founder at Losode UK Ltd; an online fashion and style destination targeted at 18-34 year old Africans in Africa, the Diaspora and beyond, win this fanatastic VOOM 2016 - Virgin's Entrepreneurial Pitch. What this means is that entrepreneurs pitch their business idea in the grow or start-up categories to Richard Branson and win a share of up to £1,000,000 worth of prizes.

Please click on the link below to vote for her company. Many thanks.

Here's a bit of information about Losode below: is a UK based online fashion and style destination targeted at 18-34 year old Africans in Africa, the diaspora and beyond

Why Losode? Access to quality clothing particularly the latest fashion trends from Africa is difficult and extremely expensive; from worries to carrying excess luggage to sourcing quality and in-season pieces. Losode began in response to the growing need of Africans in Africa to access clothing of superior quality from Europe and the Americas’, as we believe, global clothing and accessories retailers have left a hole within this market by focusing predominantly on Europe, the Americas and Asia
What is Losode? Losode is an online interactive platform targeted at bringing fashion and style from the world to Africa easily and at affordable prices. It is inspirational yet aspirational and is targeted at but not limited to 18-34 year old Africans in Africa, the Diaspora and beyond 
Our mantra is simply; ’Bring the world to Africa and bring Africa to the world’ – Create and launch the Losode e-commerce site accompanied with the most entertaining and informative fashion content via the Losode blog, Losode TV and the Verdict. Losode is not just a ‘shop on the internet’, it is a multifaceted, creative and interactive fashion and style platform currently with c. 15,000 followers on our social media platforms and 300 subscribers. Our business model is simple, that is what makes it attractive; buy at wholesale prices from known western brands and resell at 240-300% percent recommended retail price, backed by quality fashion and style content and a market place of African designers and fashion enthusiasts to service global markets 
Where do we operate from? Losode is strategically headquartered in London, one of the world’s largest fashion capitals, given favourable time zones, easy access to our key suppliers and the fact that London is one of the world’s most prominent fashion hubs. Losode is UK registered company with a subsidiary in Nigeria - Africa's most populous country
When will the platform launch? Losode is set to launch its ecommerce platform in May 2016. The verdict, the blog and Losode TV are already live and currently host c.300 subscribers. Phase 2 will see the development of the Losode marketplace, completion is targeted for Q1 2017

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  1. Many Thanks Buki. Guys please help us get to the TOP. Thanks


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