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Friday, 1 April 2016

#Repost - Come On And Give A Smile Out

I wrote this post in May 2014 yet it still remains valid as it got me smiling even though my day started a little bit blue. It's amazing how much wonders smiles do. I hope this makes you smile. :)

Enjoy your Friday. :)

I smiled at a random stranger yesterday. It was a warm smile that I felt the urge to share with this little stranger and the result gladdened my heart. She was a wee toddler seated at the back of a car in traffic looking so bored. Her face lit up and then we played peek-a-boo from the distance. Lol.

Sometimes, life's issues get so weighty that we can forget to smile but it shouldn't be.

A genuine smile is like a comforting but invisible hand that caresses one while reassuring the person.

So hoard not your lovely smile, but share it and make the world a better place.

p.s. Feel free to send a picture of your best smile to there is bound to be a second part to this post as I have gotten amazing responses since this one. Cheers and keep smiling. :)

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