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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Don't Miss The Beginning Of Your Greatness

The Kingdom Wealth was borne of out a paradox; Deut 8:18 and Hosea 12:6. We can't have access to the Power to get wealth without acquiring the right information.  As Christians, we have to equip ourselves with the right information for us to succeed. There's nothing glorious in a failed Christianity.  Right from the time of Abraham, God has been revealing his knowledge that is capable of transformation. 

For some of you, God has been nudging your hearts with ideas but there's no knowledge to execute it. Don't just dream of becoming like Dangote and Otedola, riding your own Range Rover but optimising whatever God has put in your hand to achieve good success.

You can be a pastry maker, shoemaker, fashion designer, chef or even an enterprising employee, with the right information you can transform your generations from failures and rejects to people of influence. 

Open your minds and allow God fill it with...THE KINGDOM WEALTH. !!!!!

Join Lolu Akinwunmi tomorrow as He speaks on THRIVING IN DIFFICULT TIMES.

The lifestream is on and you can get CDs and more information about the programme from the address and email below.

VENUE: RCCG Throne of Grace. 31, Moloney Street, Obalende Lagos.

TIME: 9am prompt



  1. how can i get tapes of the event i aint in lagos right now

    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by.

      I will put a contact email up tomorrow about it.

      The programme runs for 5 consecutive Sundays in May.

      Cheers. :)

  2. you can join us live at or on our facebook page. Thanks


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