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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Crocodile Or Dolphin? Strange Sea Creature Turns Up.

It's amazing how we have no idea how many thousands or millions of other sorts of living creatures that are out there, isn't it? Check out this weird looking creature which was found in Zhoushan in East China, by some fishermen who claims to have never seen anything like it before. 

The mysterious creature looked like a cross between a dolphin and a crocodile, and it appeared to have growths near the end of its mouth which looked like a beak. A Chinese magazine, Naturalist, said the creature looks like a rare beaked whale which lives deep in the sea. According to Dr. Stephen D. Simpson, a senior lecturer in Marine Biology and Global Change at the University of Exeter, in a conversation with the Daily Mail

The two growths are actually upward facing teeth, which, believe it or not, are used to attract females! " 

Look at you sexy thing, lol. 

Not to be stereotypical or anything like that but knowing the Chinese people and their palates, I'm just wondering if the creature was released back into the sea or served up on a dish somewhere. It would be a shame to kill and eat this poor thing. 

Here's a Youtube video I found of the creature being reeled in, below. Amazing stuff.

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