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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Stop To Smell The Roses Today

I couldn't agree more with the words in the picture above. I love scents a lot, in forms of perfumes and flowers especially and smells trigger memories for me. So it was a pleasant surprise to me yesterday when one minute I was in the restroom in my office and the next minute, I was transported on to a ship in France just by having a whiff of someone's perfume. I bought a perfume by Paris Hilton while I was on a ship in France and contrary to people's opinion about Paris Hilton at the time, she actually made some pretty good perfumes. 

The scent never left me and as soon as it hit me yesterday, I literarily felt like I was in another country. It got me thinking about how people react to scents that brings the past to them. Say for instance someone's (person A) olfactory nerves was as sensitive as mine was and the person had this really unpleasant experience with another person (person B) who had a distinctive scent. This could mean that the person A would relive all of those bad experiences all over again, each time they have   a whiff of that scent. How then does such a person move on and heal and get on with their lives? I guess this is where the mind-over-matter technique comes in, coupled with adequate counselling.

That being said, take time out and stop to smell the roses daily. Yeah, I know we don't have roses in all parts of the world but all I'm saying is LIVE. LOVE. SMILE. BE HAPPY. Don't let the pressures of life get you down. Tomorrow is always another chance for things to be right and better.
Be #AllHeartsAlways

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