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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How Far Would You Go?

A tweet this morning got me thinking and reflecting on how far we, as humans, would go in compromising our morals for our comfort. The tweet by popular Radio OAP Osi (@Osi_Suave) read:

"If u av solid moral values pls hold on to dem. The fact dt pple wit questionable morals seem to b gettin ahead shouldnt make u tone urs down"

This immediately reminded of le hubbs' action on Sunday. By now, the whole world knows that Nigeria is experiencing some form of breakdown with this fuel scarcity crisis all over. Of course in addition to not having fuel to power our generators since we didn't have light either, the heat has been so intense that it felt like someone got into hell and forgot to shut the door behind them. So off went le hubbs at 8.30am on Sunday morning to hunt for fuel. After going round and around searching for fuel to power our generators and save my melting self from the heat, he finally found a filling station with a long queue which he also joined. He kept calling at intervals to update me about the dramas playing out in the quest for fuel at the station.

At some point he called and told me he had been approached a few times by some touts who promised to help him shunt the queue and guaranteed he would get fuel, for a bribe fee. He said he declined their offer and for a brief second, just a wee brief second, I was tempted to ask him to take their offer but deep down I knew I wouldn't have if I had been in his shoes. So I let him be and encouraged him.

Five hours after he had left the house, he came in looking tired and exhausted. He did not get fuel at all. When he got to two cars away from the pump, a fight broke out and the management of the fuel station shut the place down and refused to sell fuel to anyone anymore. Even worse was the fact that he was in a position where he could not easily get out of the station until the place had been cleared out.

Was I mad at him for not taking the chance when he should have? No, I wasn't. I was mighty proud of him and his moral stance. It takes guts and determination to resist temptation that way and I know only a few people would have done the same. I quickly rushed to get him his food and run a bath for him. Knowing the stress he had gone through in his search for fuel, I just went ahead and enjoyed the heat thoroughly without complaints. :)

While you might not always get good results whenever you take the moral high ground on issues, two things you would always have are peace of mind and a clear conscience. Doing the right thing is not always easy but do it, we just must. Since taking my new position at my new job, I have had all sorts of ridiculous offers which I have of course declined each time because I just cannot afford to compromise on my principles and lose what's most precious to me, my peace of mind and clear conscience. 

Imagine how great this country would be if we can simply do the right things at all times, regardless of how much temporary discomfort it brings to us and how much flack we get from others? Look at how much shame those erring and thieving politrickcians have heaped on their own heads and lineages after years of getting away with looting our national resources. While people died for lack of  adequate infrastructure and social amenities, they stashed cash away, bought luxury cars and built exotic mansions.

Those who do the right thing always do not have two heads nor drop from outer space. They are just like you and I, which means the power to do right is in our hands and very doable. 

Will you start to do right consistently from now on?

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