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Sunday, 3 April 2016

The World Is Shrinking Faster....

If you thought it was a small world about a decade ago, I tell you the world is fast shrinking by the second. With the spread of innovative technology, the world seems to be getting smaller  and smaller and what I mean by this is that even though there are billions of people on earth, we are all somewhat connected in more ways than one these days. 

Back in the days, you could go to school with someone, graduate and never see them again until you die of grow old and grey. These days, thanks to social media and the likes, this isn't so because you'd find yourself having mutual friends on one platform or the other. The implication of this is that, while you must live your life to the fullest and not to impress others, you must consider that fact that you must be pleasant and nice to others because you never know how you may be connected to them in future through others. 

I'd share an example with you of what happened to me a couple of days ago. I was minding my business at work when my phone staring buzzing off the hook. I checked and found two people chatting me up, one was a first cousin to le hubbs and the other was a friend-turned-brother whom I'd met via Twitter but built a relationship with outside the internet. He's been really supportive of my #AllHeartsAlways Initiative and of so much else and I've come to learn so much about him, his family and businesses as well. 

Never would I have thought these two would know themselves but it turns out they did. They were both high school mates and had a WhatsApp group for their old school reunion, where a whole bunch of them communicated regularly. Turns out I (some of my achievements with #AllHeartsAlways) became a topic for a few hours in that group as it turned out at least four of them in there knew me! I had gone to secondary school with one and university with another, while one was le hubbs cousin and the other I had met a few years ago via Twitter. I was gobsmacked but pleased because apparently, they all had only good stuff to say about me and were "proud of me and glad to be associated with me", lol. 

It however got me thinking that what if these four people whom I'm connected to, one way or the other, did not have nice things to say about me? What if I had been mean, rude and downright nasty to most of them? How would that conversation have panned out? What if our kids had to attend the same schools and we had to sit through PTA meetings and stuff, knowing that we had bad blood between us? What if our children became best friends whilst we remained sworn enemies, how would that have affected the kids' relationships? 

Bottomline is this, live and let live and be mindful of hurting others' feelings while trying to drive your points and beliefs home.keep things real and be on your best behaviour at all times. Also be #AllHeartsAlways because you never know whose life or future you might be saving by being kind. Do stuff daily and always that your future self would be proud of and thankful for. 

Have a splendid week ahead.

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