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Monday, 4 April 2016

The World Is Advancing Fast, Leaving Us Behind Faster

I came across this incredible video of Ronaldo trying on a new pair of futuristic Nike self-lacing shoes and I was blown away by the innovation and how far the world has gone in terms of inventions. 

It absolutely breaks my heart that in Nigeria and in 2016, we are "planning" to produce PENCILS by the year 2018!!!! Yes, Pencils! Apparently we import everything in Nigeria including pencils and toothpicks. We do not produce much of anything great, really.

It's not even as though we do not have good inventors in Nigeria, it's just the fact that they are  few, unknown and underfunded. We also do not have adequate research centres around.

It baffles me at how we have allowed the world leave us behind in our shallow backwardness and ignorance when we could have been doing so much more for ourselves.

When will we get it right, if ever??

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