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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Prince, Another Music Legend, Is Dead

I just got off work and as I prepared for the long journey home, I tried to catch up on some news. I have been feeling out of touch with the happenings around the world in the past month, especially today. At lunch with some colleagues, I realised that I've been so consumed with work that I have not updated myself with the news around the world, or even in Nigeria for that matter.

So imagine my shock when the first piece of news I came across is the demise of Prince, an iconic musical legend. He passed away today after a severe bout of flu. Incredibly tragic! I feel really gutted and so sad right now because I listen to Prince's Purple Rain every week at least. I loved his music and I will miss him.

Rest in peace Prince.

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  1. ... That's life Dearie. T'was such sad news especially since he had a lot going on right now! Let's ensure to leave grounded footprints in the sands of time.
    It is well, amen


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