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Sunday, 19 June 2016


Dear Friends,

If you feel offended by this, I hereby plead for your pardon ahead of time. I am touched by this story hence I have taken it upon myself to come out and solicit for help on behalf of Olamide Oke.
Yes I know, people swindle via different means but trust me this is not one of such. Dr. Kunle Abiona is our family physician, the mother of Olamide is my son's school teacher, Olamide is well known to me.

"About 2 years ago, Olamide's parents noticed he got tired easily and more frequently than his younger siblings. So bad he couldn't walk to his school which was located just on the next street. He was taken to a hospital and a diagnosis of tetralogy of Fallot (a congenital heart condition) was made. Doctors advised that he should have an open heart surgery, so that he can live normally and stay alive. 2 years on, he is going to be 6years on the 12th May 2016. Full of life, but he still can't get 1 minute of play with his younger siblings before he says 'mummy in tired'. 

I am Doctor Abiona Adekunle Paul. I met Olamide in my hospital where he came for checkup, the recipient of d fund is olamide's mother. So far they have been able to raise about 2000 dollars out of the required 15000 dollars which entails investigations, procedure, flight and accommodation for both parents and Olamide.

Olamide is a very intelligent chap. He wud crack jokes and make us laugh even while in the consulting room. Please help give Oke Olamide David a new life. God bless you as you render give your widows mite".

We beg for your kind support to save a life. Your kind donation or possible referral will be highly appreciated.

Account Details:
Bank: GTBank Opebi - Lagos
Account Name: Oke, Bolanle Olufunke (Mother)
Account Number: 0011180004

I am available for any required clarification, please. Thank you and I wish you God's blessings.

O'Bukola A. Ajetunmobi


Dear good people out there, I know it is difficult to believe what's true or not these days but this is. I know O"Bukola and he is passionate about this cause because he knows Olamide and his mother. Please let's come together to help raise the money Olamide needs to get well and enjoy his childhood. Remember, every little helps so don't feel you cannot donate at all because you don't have a heft sum to give. I am planning to meet Olamide's family and I look forward to meeting Olamide himself. 

We can do this, people. Let's come together to #GiveForOlamide and help save his life. Let's be #AllHeartsAlways and #GiveForOlamide.

Please do donate, share and do all you can to bring this to pass. Thank you.

Buki O.

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