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Sunday, 5 June 2016

When Beasts Roam The Earth.

I came across this video this morning and it is about the most difficult thing I've ever had to watch and read. It left my tummy physically hurting by the time I got to the end. In the video, a Congolese Human Rights Activist, Rebecca Masika, recounted her horrific experience in the hands of some war demons. I say demons because I cannot fathom how a human would chop another human being alive, bit by bit, in front of his wife and then feed her with her husband's penis before over 22 of them raping her atop her husband's dismembered body while raping her young teenage daughters at the same time. 

Oh Rebecca, poor Rebecca I am so sorry about your ordeal. Nobody should have to go through such, not all. Despite all she was subjected to, Rebecca went ahead to help and rehabilitate others who have been victims of rape. She set her hurts and pains aside and helped others get through theirs. This is highly commendable of her.

Unfortunately, reports show that Rebecca died last year from Malaria and High Blood Pressure. I hope the creatures that hurt her and her family like this would suffer worse fates a gazillion times here on earth and beyond.

Rest in peace strong woman, Rebecca Masika. :(

Brace yourselves before watching the video below.

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  1. Ur description allow has discouraged me from watching, I'm sorry I'm not that strong emotionally.

    May her gentle soul rest in peace.


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